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Six Simple Ways to Find More Clients Without Spending A Penny

Finding enough clients to keep your business running is one of the most stressful struggles you face as a business owner. Let me guess, you’ve exhausted your list of friends and family to reach out to. You might have even put out ads, but they don’t pull in enough money to keep your business successful and growing.

What’s your next move?

Here are six easy ways to find more clients and keep your planner—and your bank account—full:

01. Branding

The market is incredibly saturated. There are thousands of options for any product or service you’re looking for, so…  

How can you stand out among the crowd and find more clients? Branding. 

Your branding tells your unique story and gives your business a voice. It tells others about your values and attracts dream clients who share those values with you. Cohesive branding presents a professional, credible business and builds customer loyalty. Taking the time to present a uniform brand identity can increase your revenue by up to 23% (and who couldn’t use more money?!). 

Clients trust and develop an emotional connection to you when they resonate with values you showcase through your business’s branding. You gain returning customers when that happens. Plus, those customers are likely to refer you to friends who share similar values, which earns you clients organically. That’s the sweet spot right there.

Branding can be a complicated and intricate process, but it is imperative to find more clients and create a thriving business. Don’t let that overwhelm you, though. Hire a professional (ahem, ME) and say goodbye to all that unnecessary stress. 

02. SEO

Have you ever found yourself on the second page of Google? Yup, me neither. The first five links on a Google search receive 67% of all clicks.Those clicks generate leads. Leads turn into clients. 

So what does that mean for you

The higher you rank in good ole Google, the more likely it is that the searcher will click on your website and you’ll gain a customer. Yas pleaseeee.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is vital to pushing your name up in search results and finding more clients for your small business. Choose one dominant keyword along with three to five long-tail keywords and weave them throughout your website or content. This will help you to come up as a result when those keywords are searched, especially if the keywords you choose have low competition.

Credibility and authority are established in your industry when your website is coming back as one of the top search results. That shows that Google thinks your content is a relevant and valuable resource. Oh, why thank you, Google. Consistently being on the first page of search results also helps with your brand awareness. Your strong web presence builds trust with potential clients and keeps them coming back to your site to read all of your sage advice.

03. Direct Messages

Yeah, you read that right. DM’ing. Sliding into someone’s DMs can actually be used for good and open up a whole new world of possible clients (especially if your business is tailored to a younger crowd)!  

You may find sending direct messages intimidating, but it’s a great way to go after your ideal clients. Even if those ideal clients are major brands or people. In fact, even more of a reason to send that message!! Try it out on Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook. You just might wake up one morning to a personal message from your favorite A-lister (ya know, no big deal).

Make a list of brands you’d love to work with and companies or people that align with your values. Tailor each message and make it relevant to whoever you’re messaging. Provide value by connecting their goals and pain points to what you’re offering them. 

Without clearly demonstrating how your services directly benefit them, your message stands a big chance of not being answered, and you’ve just wasted more of your precious time.

Adding a call to action at the end is crucial. Ask when they would be available to chat. Request that they check out your profile. Include a link for a website that showcases your skills. 

You might be surprised at how many people—and who—respond to you.

04. Facebook

There are roughly 8 billion people in the world. Facebook has almost 2.5 billion monthly active users. That means that you can reach over ⅓ of the world from your phone. 


There’s a never-ending stream of possibilities at your fingertips and you’re probably already a part of it, so use Facebook to your advantage! Think about the kinds of groups that your ideal client or target audience would join. Then go join those groups, too. Being a part of these groups gives you insight into your customers pain points and the types of questions they’re looking to have answered. 

Be an active participant in the group. Like and comment on posts that catch your eye. When someone asks a question and you know you can help, answer it. Share your knowledge and demonstrate all that expertise you’ve worked damn hard for to those that are seeking it. People will begin to notice how frequently you pop up within the group and be more likely to remember you when they need to hire someone in your industry or niche. 

Create a Facebook page for your small business. 

Okay, don’t roll your eyes at yet another FB task to keep on top of. Stay with me on this… 

List that new business page as your place of employment on your personal profile. When people hover over your name on Facebook, they see a small preview of your page. Members of groups you’re a part of can see your business listed and click through to learn more about the services you provide. Pretty easy advertising, don’t ya think?

05. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is cool now. 

Let’s be honest…did you scoff at that? I know I did. 

It used to be simply for connecting with coworkers and searching for jobs, but now LinkedIn acts as the social media platform for the professional world. So maybe it’s not as casual as Twitter, but you can feel comfortable being more personable and fun while generating leads 277% more effectively (crazy, right?) than both Facebook and Twitter. 

Sounds pretty cool to me.

LinkedIn has a huge pool of available connections so it’s easy to connect with ideal clients and people related to your industry. Like and comment on a small number of posts each day so potential clients start to recognize your name. Post content a few days a week to create and sustain engagement. You can write an original post or share an article that you enjoyed. Heck, get wild—but not too wild—and share one of your favorite memes. CEOs like to laugh, too!

Revamp your personal profile to make it easy for potential clients to find you. You can create a specialized banner that grabs the viewer’s attention and states your business name and contact information boldly. Edit your “About” section to describe the services you offer and how someone who works with you benefits. Think about using this section as your 30 second pitch. You want it to convince the reader to reach out to you instead of the other way around! 

Your profile headline is the few words below your name and arguably the most important part of your LinkedIn profile page so you’ve gotta make it good!! It should very clearly state what you do in your business because it will appear under your name on every comment and profile preview. This is how people who are not a part of your connections will find you. So seriously, make those few words count!

06. Email List

Ah, the trusty old email, which continues to be one of the most profitable marketing techniques available. Email campaigns provide a 3,800% ROI, making it an ideal way to find more clients and increase revenue. 

Grow your email list by having an opt-in or subscribe option on your website. The more people you can email, the higher chance you have of someone hiring you or purchasing your product. 

Email sequences allow you to establish trust and build relationships with those on your list. You have the ability to engage prospective and current clients. If you send out a well-written promotional email at the right time, you can create demand for your product or service. 

Re-engage past customers by offering incentives such as a discount or a small gift with purchase. Drive traffic back to your website by linking to new posts or content on your site in the body of the email. A small amount of work on your end can lead to a big ole payday!  

Just because emails are standard doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Let your personality shine! Tell an embarrassing story, toss in a gif, drop a movie quote and ask your readers to respond if they know what it’s from. Flex your creative muscles, and make people jump up and down with excitement when they see your name pop up in their inbox

So you’ve made it to the end of this post and now you’re thinking… Wow, all of this sounds AH-mazing, but I could use some help getting started…

Don’t fear, ThaiFolk Studio is here! (Hmm yah that was awful wasn’t it, almost want to take it back…)

Come chat with us so we can create a plan for you to help tackle this obstacle head-on!!

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