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Five Steps to a Successful Brand Photoshoot ~ Shooting Your Shot

A couple of months ago, I had a nagging feeling. I could tell there was something missing, something just a little off, something not quite right. Who knows, maybe you share that feeling? So let me help you scratch that itch, dear reader. What you need, and it might not be what you expect, is a brand photoshoot. Lucky you read the title first, right?

Imagine – you’re posing for the camera, the room awash in your brand colours, in a stunning, sun-mottled location, with your finest Insta-ready outfit on show. Gosh, it sounds terrible doesn’t it? Well, only if you’re positively petrified of the camera like me. 

Why you should invest in a brand photoshoot

Fear not, stranger. Whether you adore or detest the camera’s attention, there are a few things you should know about brand photoshoots. Firstly, they’re fantastic, fruitful, a big boost for your business. But you already knew that. What you may not know, and forgive my obvious instruction, is this.

“However organised you think you should be for your brand photoshoot, triple it.”

Mother Theresa said that… OK, you got me. It was Elon Musk, and he’s right. Every trick and tip I can give you about your brand photoshoot lies beneath this umbrella, protecting you from the monsoon rain that is a sorry lack of preparation. Once you remember to organise everything way in advance, the rest will follow seamlessly. Here’s what to do.

“However organised you think you should be for your brand photoshoot, triple it.”

Don’t shoot your shot, just yet

As I said, I’m no Naomi Campbell when it comes to the camera – even if it’s Austin Powers behind the lens. The only way I can push through the cringeworthy pain is by meticulously planning every single shot in terrifying, lurid detail. So that’s me, the one snagging inspiration from the glitzy models on Instagram and Pinterest to work it for the camera. And for the love of God, remember to organise the images so you can keep track. Nobody needs 50 versions of the same photo…

Oh, and don’t forget – are there any specific shots you need? Are you celebrating your 5 year business anniversary in a couple of months? Bring that bottle of champers to capture the celebratory moment. A brand photoshoot can include anything you want, no matter how forward-thinking it is.

Inspiration station - you bet your brand photoshoot deserves one!

People love Pinterest. You know, I do too, but it just ain’t enough… Before your brand photoshoot, you need somewhere – a peaceful and spacious paradise of creativity – where you can really get your shit together. Notes, pictures, lists, doodles – that’s the stuff.

Unless you’re using a pencil (and fair play to you, if so) there’s no better place than MilaNote. It’s freaking wonderful, the perfect creative paradise tool. I created boards and then separated my inspiration images into face shots, quirky photos, mock-up ideas, aesthetic visions and more. From there I made notes about specific image elements that tickled my fancy so I didn’t miss anything on the day! Take a cheeky peek at mine, if you so desire.


A peek at how I organised my brand shoot with MilaNote! Take a closer look.

Ace the space!

Do you live in a five-star hotel, an exquisite beachside villa, or a 14th Century French chateau? Nope, me neither. That’s precisely why it’s best to hire a studio space for a day, to make your brand photoshoot vision become reality. Maybe it’s extra, but I hopped on a plane just to rent my dream studio for the day, and it was beyond worth the journey.

Note, I did think about using one of the many quirky coffee shops nearby, but GOSH. The thought of folks staring at me photoshooting while sipping their matcha lattes fills me with desperate, unrelenting fear. Kudos if you try it though!

It’s called fashion, darling

An outfit can make your day, or it can ruin it. Shockingly, it’s the same with your brand photoshoot, stoopid! While I know you business-savvy readers will be right on the money with brand colours and overall aesthetics, make absolutely sure to organise your plethora of trousers, dresses, tees, skirts or suits so you don’t just feel confident, but you feel FABULOUS. Remember, this brand photoshoot isn’t just for your business, it can be for you too. Power to you.

Showcase yourself, it's your brand shoot after all!

Dua Lipa isn’t playing chess in her music videos, so why would you? Remember that you – and your brand – are the exhibition. So, showcase that thing you’re damn good at, that thing people pay you to thrive at. If you’re a writer, grab a book. If you’re a painter, grab a brush. If you’re a designer like me, print off some of your work and bring your laptop to showcase your beautiful mock-ups. 

Oh. And of course, be yourself! Have fun with it. Include some things you love in your brand photoshoot. Like sipping wine. Always wine. Maybe ice cream too. Or just wine. Speaking of wine…

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