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How To: Boost Your Brand to STAND OUT From the Crowd

Brand visuals are our thing.

They’re our bread and butter. In fact, I’d go as far to say brand visuals are Thaifolk’s equivalent of a Parisian baguette with a crispy crust and fluffy crumb, smothered in rich creamy butter from a local dairy farm. Mmmmm. We just, love them!

That’s obviously not a secret either. We do run a website design and brand visual company… However, we also know being as successful as you want to be is more than just your brand design and a cross of the fingers! There are so many ways to boost your brand to the next level to stand out. My six tips will help you be like the one who wears stilts to a music festival, ya know, standing out from the crowd. You can see the whole stage, the act can see you perched atop the audience and everyone behind you can still see the performance (even if it’s between your stilts)! Ideal, eh?

So, what is it you need to boost your brand and truly stand out?

Your brand identity is ESSENTIAL, but it is even more ESSENTIAL to entwine your brand identity into every single customer experience. You know those woven blankets your grandma makes – it’s kind of like that, except its your brand visuals, your product, your customer service & pretty much everything brand-related I’m going to list below, instead of shabby, faded, moth-eaten fabrics that smell like the inside of a cupboard. Of course, I imagine your brand’s equivalent of a woven blanket would be made out of strong and vibrantly coloured Kevlar (and smells like Febreze). 

Combining these things can make you and your brand seem super trustworthy, instil major confidence in your potential clients and prove your wealth of expertise – so make certain your brand visuals are as memorable as can be! Strap on those stilts, people!

Here are my 6 tips for ways to elevate your brand and stand out from the crowd.

1. On Brand Photography

This is big big big. That I can’t emphasise any more. People like seeing faces, and I’m sure all you readers have beautiful faces (wink wink). Knowing what someone looks like truly allows for deeper connection. I think of it this way… Someone calls you up on the phone selling say, a unicorn costume. They say “Oh, it’s the best unicorn costume and it’s great.” Then someone rings your doorbell and you answer the door. There’s someone wearing a unicorn costume. They take off their mask, smile at you with pearly gnashers and say “Wow, this unicorn costume is pretty great.”  Whose unicorn costume do you buy? Though this may be a farfetched example, you get the point right? Brand photography can help to boost your brand and ensure you stand out!

2. On Brand Instagram & Socials

We love IG. I for one am a serial poster – which I’ll prove right here. Always got to very subtly plug, hey folks?! The platform has been an unbeatable source of enquiries for ThaiFolk and it’s a sure-fire way to get more exposure for any brand. It doesn’t just have to be just the basic keywords in your bio too. I’ve used branded highlight covers successfully. I even add a signature Lightroom pre-set to my images to give my grid a wholesome earthy aesthetic. 

3. On Brand Sales

So you got a cheeky slide into the DMs because they “want to know more”. This is of course a business Instagram, so don’t get ahead of yourselves! So you reply, hit them with a mundane, text-heavy email spewing out your prices without an ounce of personality or charisma. You aren’t Poundland, that ain’t going to work, darling. Absolutely no bloody way. Spend a little time upgrading your brand info pack/price list so it’s easy to read (and fun), concise and unapologetically on brand.

4. On Brand Proposal

I’ll admit, this is pretty similar to point 3. However, everything is a sales pitch these days, especially your actual proposals! If you can keep this on brand you’ll have writing that is infused with a bucketload of you, gorgeous brand imagery with your easily recognised logo sprinkled all over and TA-DA folks – they’ll be begging to work with you!

5. Emails baby, send 'em!

Who loves sending emails? I absolutely do! It’s my favourite thing on the planet over Terry’s Chocolate Orange, a steaming cup of coffee and of course, world peace. I hope you know I’m joking… We all put off emails as long as possible but the stark and harsh reality is that emails are the most profitable marketing tool according to ALL stats, BAR NONE. Yikes. You started your business, got the brand sorted, your socials established and your products perfected. Now get on that email shit, and be sure to keep it on-brand too, just like your on brand sales pitches and proposals.

6. On Brand Website, naturally

A cohesive website. SHOCK! The web designer thinks of this! Of course, this seems super obvious. But…apparently, it isn’t.

Imagine this… Your dream sent-from-heaven client scrolls through your brand-perfect Instagram, get a taste of your lovely on-brand feed and think “Huzzah!” – I’ve found myself the perfect website for the perfect unicorn costume (optional). Two seconds later on their iPhone 12 Pro with superfast 5G internet they’re on your website but DAMN. It loads so slowly they can wander across to the kettle and boil the kettle. But DAMN – it’s a total mess, an eyesore, a damn disgrace to the entire web design profession. The menu is a shambles with a gazillion choices. They just want a unicorn costume for Pete’s sake, and they can’t find it without a nifty search bar. The teabag brews in the now lukewarm water, then they’re off your site and scrolling through Instagram again.

Need I go on? Your website NEEDS to match your brand. I’m a web designer – trust me, I know.

I hope those six tips are clear and just in case you missed the message, your brand identity is ESSENTIAL!!! A cohesive brand identity can help to boost your brand and ensure you stand out in the bustling busy online space. So, if you’re struggling where to start or need a handy professional eye to look your brand visuals over, Thaifolk Studio is here and we can help!

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