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Why you should stop using LinkTree

Spoiler Alert:
LinkTree Sucks.
Here's why you should stop using LinkTree.

If there’s one thing to know about me, I’m certainly no oracle. I didn’t foresee the end of Game of Thrones, though it would have saved two seasons of unnecessary torture. I didn’t foresee the rise of Bitcoin, though that certainly would have been pleasant. I sure as hell didn’t expect the last 15 months of chaos to happen – and I can tell you that for free.

But there’s one thing I’m sure of, and it’s not Socrates’ depressing take on philosophy. In fact I know just one more piece of advice beyond “I know that I know nothing.”

What is it? Well, dear reader of ramblings, you’ve read the title of this piece. Linktree does in fact, suck. Here is why you should stop using LinkTree.

You’ve seen it, stamped on the Instagram profile of your favourite (or not) influencer. Hell, maybe you’ve thought about getting LinkTree yourself? Heaven forbid, maybe you even have it. But, here are five dead certain tips that tell you exactly why you should stop using LinkTree, right this very second. Just put your faith in me, your neo-Ancient Greek web designer slash philosopher.

I would also like to disclose, no Linktree stakeholders or users were hurt in the writing of this blog post. I also take no responsibility for my reader’s future aggression too…

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Stop using LinkTree reason 1:

LinkTree may direct people away from your website completely

The 21st century attention span. A little annoying, especially in a world of 5 second TikToks and Gif-filled Buzzfeed listicles. But, if you stop using Linktree, it can sure make a difference.

Linktree itself, is delightfully deceptive. It takes all the credit for your carefully chosen article titles, concisely labelled blog posts and other startling exhibitions of YOUR work that deserve all the credit themselves.

But even more importantly, it can distract users that have already been sold by your delightful social profile. Just think about all those great articles or blog posts that feature on another site. Likelihood is, as humans are in the 21st century, they’ll get halfway through it, then switch tabs and then totally forget about you.

By skipping this step, just link direct to your website and you can reap the benefits yourself.

Stop using LinkTree reason 2:

Your Branding on LinkTree = $

We spend heaps of brain power on our personal branding. Trust me, my brain is whirring all night thinking about my client’s upcoming revamp, the best brands I’ve read about that day, or even just a small tweak of my website. “Count sheep,” they said.

The last thing you want is for some big business to take your hard-earned buckaroos away, then your audience from your website, by lending them your brand. If you ask me, that’s like you paying for someone to plagiarise you? I don’t know if it was just me, but in high school Spanish, I was the one asking to copy homework…

So save the money, pop your lumberjack hat on and slash down that (link)tree. Quite proud of that one!

Stop using LinkTree reason 3:

Less time on your website

Let me put it this way. You’ve just forked out a hefty wad of cashola and a chunk of your precious time on a website. Obviously, if you’re hiring me, then it’s worth it regardless – but that’s for another blog post…

However, your main priority as a small business owner – one ready to see their numbers rapidly rise on your site’s Google Analytics – is to attract people to your website. And guess what makes that harder? Linktree. Of course.

By clicking on that Instagram link (that should definitely go direct to your website instead) all those numbers are going elsewhere. Sure, if people love your stuff – as I’m sure they will – they might be even more sold by you as a future client, but often people will forget. Then they’ll see your profile again a couple weeks later, after hiring another person, and think “hmmm, what happened there?”

Stop using Linktree, because the users you earn deserve to go onto your site. Not theirs.

Stop using LinkTree reason 4:

Linktree’s Free Version is limited, big time

If you’ve been to Thailand, you’ve probably been to one of those touristy markets, or a massive shopping mall. There, they’ve probably sold a bunch of football shirts or watches that look great value, but aren’t quite right. A Rolex for £30? Really?!

That’s what having the free version of Linktree is like. It doesn’t fit with your style, the strap is uncomfortable, it feels clunky and one of the clock hands doesn’t work. Oh, and there’s a massive great Linktree logo visible for all eternity.

If it’s me, if I’m buying a Rolex, I’m buying the real thing. But obviously, I’m a web designer, so that won’t be happening. And for the sake of the metaphor, I HATE ROLEXES!

Stop using LinkTree reason 5:

So, who clicked what?

Another gripe about the Linktree free version, which of course, if you’d followed point 1-3, wouldn’t matter anyway. Hopefully I’m getting through to you!

In what has become the Golden Age of Data, Linktree has the same amount of analytics software as I have interest in using it. Literally, ZERO.

As we’re all learning in this crazy world, knowing which customers click what is a hallmark of a successful small business. Use Linktree and you’re missing out on all that valuable data.

The verdict on LinkTree

In conclusion, I’m going to leave you with a beautifully crafted metaphor, as standard. Hopefully you learn why to stop using Linktree!

So, there’s a really nice lady with a MASSIVE brain, and lovely hair. Let’s call her Isabel Natalie Ternet, her full name.  

She gives you one chest – it’s a little against the trend, but you can customise it easy. You can also find out all about your customers, they spend more time on your site and the key comes completely free.

The other chest looks proper flashy on the outside, it’s convenient, it’s easy and loads of your friends have it too. But the key costs $6, and you have to buy a new one every month.

And you can’t really change the design, and you don’t know who else looks at it?

So, what choice are you going to make?

Life after LinkTree...

P.S. In the past, I’ve recommended using an alternative page for your precious Insta-bio. In fact, creating your own personalised Linktree-like page is really simple, so if you can’t shake that link(tree) love, you need to head over to snag my FREE template for Elementor so you can have your very own page in no time at all! Here she is in all her glory!

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