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Create an On-Brand Instagram Landing Page | Free Template

Why would you need to build your own Instagram Landing page I hear you ask? Well, we already agreed how terrible it is to use LinkTree so we won’t go into too much detail about why it sucks. Missed that post? Click here.

But here is a super quick summary of why you NEED your own Landing Page.

1. External website links drive traffic away from your site completely if you use LinkTree

2. Bye bye to ugly LinkTree branding

3. MORE time on YOUR website

4. Absolutely NO limitations

5. Track your sites analytics!

So what do I do instead?

Wonderful. I’m glad you asked actually!

You build your own Instagram landing page…

Take a peak at this quick 5 minute video where I show you just how to build your own instagram landing page using Elementor; a leading page builder for WordPress users.

Too scary or you’re seriously short on time? No worries, because I’ve got a fabulous freebie for you! Snag the exact template I built out here to use as your landing page for Instagram. The other good news? The template will automatically load your websites default font settings and colours! Handy.

Sign up to our email newsletter to get your hands on the .json file which can be imported directly onto your brand new page.

How to set up the Instagram landing page template?

If you are new to Elementor this might not seem glaringly obvious, so follow my steps below to load the template on your own site.

ONE. Sign up to our Newsletter

TWO. Download the correct .json file

THREE. Create a brand new page and give it a title (instagram, links, hello etc)

FOUR. Click Edit with Elementor

FIVE. Once you are on the Elementor page builder, click the grey button to review the templates

SIX. To import your own template, click the arrow at the top of the pop-up as shown below. Then select the right file from your computer

SEVEN. Once you’ve uploaded the .json file, scroll to the bottom of the templates (if you have a long list like me) to locate the template called ‘INSTA Links Page’. Click insert.

EIGHT. It will ask you whether to import the document settings, click no.

That’s it! You should now see your new instagram landing page design on your newly built page! You may wish to make some tweaks and edits depending on your style/preferences!

If you need a little extra guidance, reach out to the Studio and we will do our best to help!

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