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Why I Invest In My Business AND Myself…

The first few months were a blur, a surreal blur

I started my business on April 1st, 2019, and I’ll be honest, I felt like a bit of an April Fool for the first 9 months. Times were pretty tough, and the business life was much harder than I expected it to be at first. The thought of how to invest in my business hadn’t even crossed my mind.My planner was full, my mind was cluttered, and my caffeine consumption was through the roof (I live on the bottom floor of a high-rise, or at least it felt like it)!

BUT, I have always insisted that great projects take hard work, perseverance, and sometimes a little outside-the-box thinking. So I took a bite of the rather large bullet, and eventually made an investment in my business! Little did I know, that it would revolutionise the trajectory of my business, change my attitude on investing in business a little more, and taking care of Numero Uno – me!

Finally, the first 9 months of hard times were over and ThaiFolk Studio’s progress felt like an extension of myself: more relaxed, more confident, and more successful.

How did I even start to invest in my business?

My first major investment in my business was joining a Designers Collective – naturally, here’s a quick shout out to Designed To Thrive Collective! Investing in myself was daunting at first, but it gave me access to a similar-minded community of designers and fuelled me to grow while working, instead of just working. I went from feeling like a goldfish circling around a small tank in someone’s tiny kitchen, to an energetic koi fish-loving life in the gardens of some immaculate mansion.

Since then, I feel myself growing stronger and more confident with every penny I’ve invested in my business this year. It may seem criminally obvious, but spending money has helped me make money. And, I’ll be honest folks, it’s a little addictive (but in the same way that Grey’s Anatomy hooks you in for “just one more episode!”).

Okay so I invest in my business, but how much?

In 2021, I’ve invested £3,922 in my business and at the time of writing this, the year isn’t even over yet. There are so many ways that boost your worth as a creative business owner (scroll down for my top 5!). I keep scouring the internet for opportunities and find coaching, masterminds and educational courses to keep my ambition focused, my mind sharp, and my skillset updated. God forbid, I don’t even need as much coffee as I used to, though maybe that’s a total lie…!

Finally, I can wake up excited to invest a little money in my business, knowing that I’ll reap the benefits and it will inspire me on my journey to become the BEST I can be. Sometimes I feel like that koi pond in that amazing mansion is a little too small!

BUT, it should be worth remembering that it would all be for nothing if you can’t invest a little in yourself too. I just got back from a few days R&R down South soaking in the rays and swishing cocktails, and I’ve roared back to work more motivated than ever. Whatever people say, burnout is real! Avoiding that horrible mindset is essential to pushing yourself and your business forward, and staying happy too! It’s amazing what a mojito on the beach can do!

So, fuelled by some soothing sea air, I’ve created a little guide that breaks down my top 5 ways to invest in you and your business.

I would love to hear any ways investing in your business has helped you, and any ways you think I can keep getting better too. If you think you might be ready to invest in branding, but you aren’t quite sure yet? Check out my blog post! Are you Ready to invest in branding?

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