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Why blogs are important to boost your business

We feel a little bizarre writing this. It seems we’re diving into the ‘meta’ trend many scriptwriters are following these days. Is writing a blog about why blogs are important for your business too ‘meta’? Well, Hollywood still seems to like it. So we’ve decided to do it as well…

But ultimately, that’s the beauty of a blog. We’re a website and brand design studio, but adding another element to the business exhibits our supposed wisdom (or not) to clients old and new. However, a blog isn’t about being promotional. Running a blog is to – and to quote – “continually add value by publishing informative, well-written articles created with strategy and customer engagement in mind.” Nice. 

And the best thing is, well-written blogs provide benefits long after they are published. In the background, there they are, doing their magic. 

So, reader, now you’ve been ensnared by our ‘meta’ ruse, here’s the good stuff. Five exceptional reasons why blogs are important for your business.

Blogs increase traffic to your website

Imagine you’re a start-up food vendor. You could have posted up on a quiet suburban street, but you spent a bit of extra moolah to launch on the city’s busiest street. Why? It’s simple – more footfall, more eyes, more stomachs and more sales.

Of course, we won’t pretend to be restaurant gurus. There are many more steps towards a successful culinary empire, but the crucial sentiment remains. Traffic equals results. In this wild internet world, that sentiment has never stood stronger. 

One word comes to mind when thinking about starting a blog. No-brainer. Or does that count as two?

Blogs help you gain new customers 

We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve clicked on random blog posts. We’ll halfheartedly read through and then wonder, “hey, that ain’t a bad idea,” before exploring the rest of the business’ website. 

Quite simply, a blog is a way to gain further exposure. Your own slice of free advertising with a dollop of personality. The more you frequently and consistently post content on your website, the more likely you are to meet potential customers where they are. 

The internet is a layered and confusing beast. We won’t dive too deep into the complex world of SEO but having a bunch of indexed web pages with keywords that relate to your business pushes you up the search engine ranking. Plus, Google is a sucker for new content. Make of that what you will.

Blogs keep current customers engaged

You have the breadcrumbs hidden in your pockets. The customers are that gaggle of geese watching your every move. OK, this might be a little bit of an exaggeration. But in some ways, those breadcrumbs are your blog posts. 

Blogs are important because if posted regularly, they remind your loyal customers that you’re there, offering them exactly what they want whenever they want it. The more you pop up, the more they recognise you.

And by the way, on interactive social media platforms, those breadcrumbs look even bigger and even tastier. The remnants of a French baguette in the form of a blog post about photoshoots? Yes, please.

Blogs prove you’re an expert

“A blog isn’t about being promotional, – Wayne Gretzky,” – ThaiFolk Studio

Wayne is right (and us). You shouldn’t be too salesy when writing a blog. Blogs are important when they nudge the reader in your direction, not when lassoing the reader with a rope covered in super glue. As with quoting ice hockey legends (and The Office), subtlety is key. 

However, blowing your own trumpet, even if a little bit, is part of your job as a business owner. You’re more the expert on your business than others, so let the world know! Showcase your expertise, build your credibility and reference pop culture in your exceptionally well-written blog posts. 

Blogs are important because the more people feel like you know what you’re talking about, the more they will trust you. Just look at Michael Scott…

Blogs provide a little business show & tell

“Oh, so you sell magic beans?” we ask. “Funny, we didn’t see any of that mentioned in your blog on man-eating giants in the sky.”

“Us?”, we respond. “Well, we’re a website and brand design studio based in Northern Thailand. We love coffee, writing posts to help small business owners and including ‘meta-narrative’ in our blog posts.”  

See what we did there? Whatever you offer, show it off. Maybe link your about page, your portfolio, or even your Instagram. Too unsubtle? You’ll get over it…

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